“It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller.” - Alan Rickman

You have a story that needs telling, and it needs to be told well. A good story draws people in, engages their minds, their hearts. A good story can make the most aloof doubter your strongest evangelist. A good story is what puts your name on the tips of tongues. Behind your product, your service, your brand, there’s a story waiting to be told and you need someone to tell it. You need a copywriter.

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What I Do

Professional Copywriting

Professional copy is more than snappy tag lines and cleverly crafted web content. Professional copy sticks with people. It registers with the real person who’s reading it. Professional copy attracts leads, converts them into customers, and (along with your brilliant product/service) delights them into an army of brand evangelists.

Blogs, Articles, & Social Media Posts

Inbound marketing is only as good as the content you share. Today, more than ever, it’s vital for your brand to be part of the global conversation. You need blog posts that captivate and inform. You need articles that educate. You need social media that stands up and gets noticed. And you need it all to be something people will share.

Direct Marketing & Communications

Email that converts, sales letters that provoke action… nurturing leads and keeping customers engaged is your bread and butter. You need a strong foundation to build on, and great customer communication is the rebar in your concrete. From mass mailers to fine-tuned automated email marketing, great copy, is what makes people act.

Recent work

Show and tell time

Some words from my clients

I don't like to toot my own horn. Thankfully, I don't always have to.
Paul Yoon, Founder & President - Bright Bean

Basil is a very gifted writer who I've relied heavily upon for various copy writing projects over a number of years. He has been able to translate my ideas and needs to perfectly written copy without having to go through any revisions time and time again. He has my highest recommendation! He is professional, precise, timely, and insightful; and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Paul Yoon, Founder & President - Bright Bean -
Benjamin Allison, Creative Director - Jib Strategic

Basil has always impressed me with his ability to present work that is surprising, yet accessible. What many writers struggle to do, and what he does extremely well, is find that conceptual nugget of gold, follow it wherever it leads, and ultimately expresses it through engaging and delightful copy.

Benjamin Allison, Creative Director - Jib Strategic -
Alison Booth, Director, Finance & Corporate Services - Camp Oochigeas

When we decided to make changes to our employee compensation philosophy, we wanted to make sure our great people knew what was going on, and that we had their best interests in mind. We needed a letter that made it clear that we valued them as our greatest strength, and the changes coming would be a good thing for everyone. Basil gave us exactly what we needed—a breakdown of why things need to change and the steps we'd be taking. And his formal-friendly style gave our message the tone it needed.

Alison Booth, Director, Finance & Corporate Services - Camp Oochigeas -
Bruce Malcolm, Chairman - SCA International

When we launched our new ministry, GraceStream, a free post-abortion counselling service, we needed copy that dealt with a sensitive, politically charged issue. Basil gave us content that welcomed hurting people to seek the help they need. Basil writes in a very personal style, which is perfect when you can’t afford to distance your audience.

Bruce Malcolm, Chairman - SCA International -

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